Track By Tracks: Methane - Kill It With Fire (2023)

1. Kill It With Fire:

Definition: (Internet slang) When something is so ugly it just has to die. Destroy with extreme prejudice. Urban Dictionary

Feel: Angry anxiety filled thrash metal

“If you can’t drown it in alcohol, Kill it with fire”

Do I own my monsters or do they own me? We all have them, skeletons in the closet, scars from the past, and ghosts. The human race is full of demons who want to destroy you, and infect you with toxic negativity. When is enough, enough? Sometimes you just want to destroy the world. So what is the meaning behind the lyrics? Is it the return of Satan to exact his wrath on mankind? Is it Vladamir Putin with his finger on the nuclear trigger? Is it the angst of my inner child reacting to my relationship with my father? You are invited to make your own translations...

Lyrics by Tim Scott

I’ve been scorned
My head adorned
Glorious horns
Consider yourself warned
Now reborn
My hooves are shorn
shunned and Forlorn
Wings charred, ripped and torn
for eternity I’ve yearned, yearned to see it burn!
Years of silence, Conjuring violence
Trial by flame Infernal desire
Set the world ablaze
Kill It With Fire
Feed my need
to see you bleed
seed of my greed
Incinerate your breed
I’ve been spurned
This hate you’ve earned
Volcanic return
Won't stop until I see it burned

2. Accuser (of the brethren):

Definition: Biblicle Satan is styled the "accuser of the brethren" ( Revelation 12:10 . Compare Job 1:6; Zechariah 3:1 ), as seeking to uphold his influence among men by bringing false charges against Christians. -Easton Bible dictionary

Feel: Upbeat groove metal with thrash overtones

A satirical look at Jesus Freaks and religious fanatics inspired by the popular Youtube clip of a deranged woman trying to convert customers in Walmart by insulting and intimidating them with her insanity.

Lyrics by Tim Scott

Beware the Walmart Witch
Instore evangelist
Born again, and she’s pissed
Saving souls on aisle six
Don’t call her a liar
Don’t whisper blasphemies
Don’t blame the brethren
Don’t wake the beast
Prophecies and supersales
Jesus freak invades retail
tryin to help you stupid son of a bitch
She drinks from the holy grail
Beware the expressline savior
Kmarts favorite bible thumper
Fuck you shes tryin to save ya
repent now mutha fucka!

3. Declare Chaos:

Methane - Declare Chaos Original Single released August 10, 2021

Definition: cha· os | \ ˈkā-ˌäs noun: complete confusion and disorder: a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Feel: Aggressive thrash with a massive groove

Lyrics by Tim Scott

Liberty, Hypocrisy, Treachery, Humanity
The rich get rich and the poor get shit, Do what they say and pay for it
Liberty, Hypocrisy
Controlled by the upper crust In poverty we trust
Freedom, Oppression
Masters chains tight on your wrist Human rights? Yours got n´missed
Equality, Slavery
Keep the masses in submission Praise the lord, pass the ammunition
Fight , Fight
Declare Chaos
Give me liberty or give me death, An American dream? Don’t hold your breath
Loyalty, Treachery
Steered by the white collared elite Tent cities in the street
Humanity , Betrayal
Preachers come to bless your grave The church has gold, Jesus saves
Salvation, Deception
Protests rise against the crown Violence boiling underground
Fight Fight
Declare Chaos
Declare War
Smells like chaos
Give me liberty or give me death An
American dream?
Don’t hold your breath

4. Shock And Awe:

Definition: NOUNmilitary the strategy of using overwhelming force at the outset of a conflict in order to break the enemy's will to resist Also called: rapid dominance. Collins Dictionary

Feel: 2 tact thrash with epic chorus

I Am The Law - Shock, and Awe, Military strikes for world peace is to say the least ambiguous and dramatically ironic. Ballistic force, of course, is only used for good, kind of a real-life super hero if you will. World leaders compare the size of their missiles in the locker room of the world stage.

Lyrics by Tim Scott

I am the voice of freedom, The almighty fist
Keeper of peace , the insurrectionist
All hail the warhead’s scream
The benevolence of democracy
Bombs Away! Bombs Away! Bombs Away!
Surrender now or accept annihilation
My strike is stealth, rapid domination
Justice gone ballistic
Judgement , brutal and sadistic
Bombs Away! Bombs Away! Bombs Away!
I am the law- Shock and Awe
The thunder god, the end all
Tyranny bodes answer the call
I am the law- Shock and Awe
Crushing shockwave released
I am the world police
Demoralising fury
Self proclaimed judge and jury
I am the law- Shock and Awe
The thunder god, the end all
Tyranny bodes answer the call
I am the law- Shock and Awe
Bombs Away! Bombs Away! Bombs Away!
All hail the warheads scream
The benevolence of democracy
Crushing shockwave released
I am the world police
I am the law- Shock and Awe
The thunder god, the end all
Tyranny bodes answer the call
I am the law- Shock and Awe

5. A Blood Red Sky:


The arrow is a literal representation of the bow and arrow weapon, used to acquire food for one's tribe. In a more metaphorical sense, the arrow represents protection and defense. A broken arrow symbolizes peace among different tribes. Native American Symbols

Feel: Upbeat Aggressive thrash

(feat. CJ Scioscia of Blood Feast)

This song is dedicated to the native American people. At the age of 3 I moved with my hippie mother from suburban New Jersey to Covelo California, to a small hippie commune there, which was a newly formed ”garden project” of the renowned horticulturalist Alan Chadwick. Covelo, also known as ”The Round Valley” is situated in the northern part of California and had a special purpose. It was a Native American Indian reservation. This reservation was established in the early 1850’s and populated by at least 8 different tribes. The Yuki tribe was indigenous to the area, the other tribes were forced to the location by what were called ”drives” where Native people were literally rounded up, driven like cattle and corralled on the reservation. Despite popular belief that these tribes thrived together because of all having a common background of being Native Americans, from my recollection this wasn’t the case even 100 years after the reservation was created. With 8 tribes speaking different languages and having different beliefs , each group was proud and held their tribes' traditions as conviction. As a child I remember gunshots fired on the weekends as the different factions quarrelled, and the destitute trailer parks of a once free and proud people.It wasn’t a picture of the fierce warrior people portrayed on TV and films. This left an imprint on me for the rest of my life. At age 9 or 10 we moved to Eureka California. I was an outsider who had moved around a bit already and never grew roots or was able to hold friendships very long. In high school it didn’t get much better. I held myself to my small group of outsiders who discovered drugs and heavy metal. I could always associate myself with the plight of the Native people being ”driven” from place to place and is one of the unwanted. I also became very interested in the original Native cultures from afar. Recently I met someone who I consider a good friend of mine, a man named Bobby Steele.

Bobby runs a radio station named ”Steele Savage Radio” and is a proud member of the Navajo Nation. Bobby is also a driving force behind the Rez Metal scene and avid music supporter in general. We have discussed many times the current Native American oppression and the reality of what is still happening in 2019 to the Native people. This awoke my suppressed anxiety hidden in some dark corner of my soul, Reminding me of my childhood, being one of the unworthy, the unwanted being bullied and harassed for not fitting in, awakening anger and inspiring my writing of ”A Blood Red Sky”. In short, this song is dedicated to all Native people throughout the Americas and the world. Rise above and conquer!

Lyrics by Tim Scott

Marched to the desert and left to die.
Forgotten people have survived.
Trapped like sheep in white man’s lies
The broken arrow is denied
A Blood Red Sky
War Cry
Blood Red Sky
War Cry
Under a blood red sky
You call us savages, take our land
The last clan of the free man
By the mountains and the wind
Let the savagery begin!

6. Down in the Gutter:

Definition: slang in the gutter - in a state of total waste, failure, or ruination.Depraved - The Free Dictionary

Feel. Swinging Southern Groove/thrash metal

Down in the Gutter was planned to be released as a single in 2020 but never was. The concept was inspired by Kathey Waxler , who works with the band on promotions for Voodoo Queen Management, one of those “You should write a song about that” things that came up in conversation. The lyrics are a reflection of how even though we may be poor or live on the wrong side of the tracks, there is a sense of belonging there, a brotherhood , a kinship. I myself have never been well off and thrived in the dirty streets with my friends, This is my take of the ugly side of town.

Lyrics by Tim Scott

6 feet down , on a darker side of town
1 step from Hell.
Doomed ‘till we die, no plan to survive
No one gets out alive
Blow another line, the Devil’s doin fine
I know you’ll follow
Slave to the grind, get your knees your mine
Choke, suck, swallow
My lucks down
My hearts down
My minds down
Down in the gutter
The siren screams, the smell of gasoline
It helps me breathe
Graveyard of broken dreams, these streets will make you bleed
Spread your dirty knees
Concrete tomb, impending gloom
Its where I’m alive
The bones are in play, piss the day away
My lucks down
My hearts down
My minds down
Down in the gutter

7. Thin The Herd:

Methane - Thin The Herd Original Single released September 28, 2019

Culling Definition:\ ˈkəl \culled; culling; culls transitive verb : to reduce or control the size of (something, such as a herd) by removal (as by hunting or selective slaughter) of especially weak or sick individuals. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Feel: Headbanging Thrash metal

WARNING! Your minds are being controlled. The human race is infected. The plague is being spread in your social media feed. There is only one cure. No quarter will be given. It’s time to THIN THE HERD!

In our contemporary age of social media with immediate access to our internet connections, be it with good friends and family and often complete strangers, I never cease to be shocked by other human beings. The butt hurt millennials offended by everything, social media ghosts, the self proclaimed models, the drama queens and the catfish, feeling sorry for themselves publishing their personal problems, while seeking attention. Watching the dishonesty and the lack of self respect fed to me daily is what lays behind this song. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, be real, everything else is ingenuine and completely translucent. The practice of culling the herd came immediately to my mind sifting through my Facebook ”friends”. Purging the herd of the week, sick and undesirable. Taking away the tainted and from my flock.

Lyrics by Tim Scott

You are plague
You are infection
You are disease
Your imperfection stains the flock with insurrection
The hangman has come to commence the slaughter
No headstone is risen No epitaphs in order
Thin The, Thin the
Time to thin the herd
I am pain I am horror
I am the martyr
cull the flock of your disorder
May god have mercy on your filthy fuckin soul
Thin The... Thin The…. It's Time to thin the herd

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