Track By Tracks: Nemesism - Nemesism (2023)

1. Mindful Abomination:

This track in particular was written to be an intense one. We really wanted to set the tone right out of the gate with an album opener that was very aggressive. The majority of us in the band were heavily influenced by “Whisper Supremacy” and “None so Vile” era Cryptopsy in our younger years. The influence definitely shows up on this one. Unlike a lot of the songs on the record which was written more organically on the spot, this one was pretty much prepped and ready to go from the first day I brought it to the room, as it was nothing more than a bunch of several years old, stockpiled riffs that had never seen the light of the day. One of the most enjoyable parts of this song for us as a band is the outro sequence. The outro has a sort of a “black metal” meets “Spheres of Madness” vibe that gives it a unique sound.

2. Mindful Abomination:

‘Mindful Abomination’ was the only track on the record that was not originally written for Nemesism. This was actually written as a Guttural Secrete song and was to be the follow up to our 2019 single ‘Stains of Debridement’. GS performed this song live only one time under the working title ‘Visqueen Emetophillia’ at Death Feast Open air, shortly before GS’s breakup. The song was then repurposed for Nemesism with new lyrics and vocal patterns. This song definitely has a focus on the catchy upbeat grooves, and the bass and drum break towards the end is definitely a stand out part for us.

3. Constricting the Ambient Noise:

‘Constricting’ is a stand out track on the EP for all of us. It sets more of a mid-paced, slightly blackened and ambient tone that isn’t as apparent in the other songs on the record. One of the characteristics of this song that makes it stand out to us is the way a few notable groove riffs find their way in there, and really help break up the more ambient vibe that is set thru out the track. Also, probably one of the most intense outro riffs on the record. This was especially a fun one for us, as almost all the riffs were created organically on the spot, just jamming in the room until we came up with what we liked.

4. Terminal Spreading Depolarization:

This one is another quick and aggressive one, and had a very different writing process than the rest of the songs. Our drummer and bassist got together and structured a song completely off bass lines and drum parts, with no pre-conceived guitar riffs in place. Writing riffs to pre-structured beats and established bass lines proved to be challenging and take a bit longer, but the end result came out excellent and added some much-needed variety to the release. I also might note that this is a personal favorite for our vocalist, Andrew.

5. Delusions of Morality:

‘Delusions’ was the obvious choice for a single for us. Much like ‘Constricting’, this one was written on the spot in our jam room with very few pre-written riffs or ideas. The focus on this one was to write a more catchy, beat-oriented song, rather than a blast-beat-heavy, aggressive one, like ‘Mindful Abomination’. You can hear a few old “Dying Fetus” style grooves in this one, along with subtle traces of ambient riffing that we used throughout the record. All these songs were tied together by the amazing soundscapes created by Ryan Wechta at Sound Horizon Productions, and really set the vibe for the whole thing. Our biggest goal on this EP was variety, and we feel that we achieved it by the various methods of writing we used from song to song. All of us in Nemesism are very excited to share this whole EP with everyone.

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