Band Biographies: BAR II

Mr Du Penfast, headphones on, QOTSA intravenously, shaggy hair, has passed run his thirties, recording and producing albums for others. he realizes that rock can still surprise. But to him, an artistic void persists. Between brutalizing his guitar, attacking his drums, or going mad on his bass, he's got to seek.

As for BARThom, dealing branding and media between the Brussels Leopold Quarter and Reyers is called «"El Mediator". Outside calm, inside stormy. By the way, it is while screaming in front of a garbage can that he crosses the road of Mister one October night. The inner anger they mutually recognize will turn out to be the foundation that will bind these two, apparently very different, lads together.

Leaving the false pretenses behind, as well as the compromises, the fake news, and the continuity announcers of 2020, they dig to feel only sound, the half body guitars roughness,, epileptic drum fills rawness, the desire to surprise and smash the prejudices. No comfort. Discomfort can be found in the lyrics as well. Bipolarity, schizophrenia, and a pinch of ambivalence in regard to our times, certainly.

Defiant in the form, bold and tortured at the core, a 6-track EP, indeed fragmented, comes out of these exalted nights to tell us... WAKE UP! Everything about BAR II and more is here

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