Band Biographies: Horus

Horus was founded in August 2020 by guitarist Tiago Espadinha and presents itself as a modern metal band that encompasses a fusion of various styles, such as groove, metalcore, thrash, deathcore, nu metal, and hardcore.

Tiago Espadinha - Guitar
Martim Pinto - Voice
Luiz Silva - Bass
Diogo Ferreira - Guitar
Duarte Cera - Drums

The name Horus comes from Egyptian mythology, this being the God of life, and this project is about bringing our ideas and musical creativity to life.

Broken Bounds is the result of this mix of references, composed in a pandemic and in record time. Our vocalist's personal experiences are the great basis of Broken Bounds, an album that talks about how it is possible to let go of the bonds that unite us and overcome adversities.

Released in April 2022 through the Amazing Records Portugal label, Broken Bounds is a modern metal album with a lot of weight, groove, and melody, which took us around Portugal from north to south with good reviews of our work.

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