Band Biographies: KAMIZOL-K

Having drawn their inspiration from Get The Shot’s crushing riffs and Upon A Burning Body’s groove, KAMIZOL-K is a female and male fronted 6-members Hardcore Metal band from Lyon (France) that delivers a powerful sound that resonates aggression and atrocity.

Not too long since the inception of the band, KAMIZOL-K has been out for live performances in various places to showcase their unique approach to their music. 

Tracks like “69 Forces”, and “Sinner”, are bona fide Hardcore while “Dlc” and “Betrayer” from the first Ep entitled Awakening exhibit undeniably good explosions of different metal styles.

The second Ep Rising was released in 2019, however, had displayed a big leap in the exploration of new directions for the band. From graphics of the cd cover to the well-constructed video clip of Sashimi Alive which was the carrier track of the Ep that debuted in Hardcore World Wide in January 2020, down to the full dynamic hardcore metal indulgence of hardcore and metal aficionados. “Judgement Day” offered a more metal feel while “Bushi’s Fate” suggests a beatdown impression. 

Due to the recent turn of events because of the Covid19 Pandemic where some scheduled live shows were canceled, Kamizol-K has been putting the band members' geniuses in preparation for the recording of the FIRST ALBUM “Exile” while they may be seen in public with a different drummer, Anthony.

Adding up to the repertories they currently have, the audience can envision a more powerful, more vicious, more hostile Kamizol-K’s 3rd of its series. Looking into a more visually enticing and distinctly loud offering from the re-inventive and unorthodox Kamizol-Kids, a kind of war, definitely something to watch out for.

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