Band Biographies: Vilamoura

Spawned as an Austin, Texas punk-rock project in 2012, Vilamoura matured rapidly into a metalcore and post-hardcore vision sporting alternative vocals, melodic choruses, and heavy distorted guitar rhythms over fast-paced percussion. They would find their primary lineup as a dual-vocal hexad by the end of 2013. The band officially branded as, "Vilamoura," shortly before releasing their debut EP, "Buried Alive," in 2015. Vilamoura pulls inspiration heavily from artists in the vein of Bring Me the Horizon, Polyphia, and Bad Omens, combining pop and emo-influenced hooks with heavy metal and hard rock riffs and structure.

The band's name derives from Vilamoura St. in the Austin area, around which several of the founding members lived at the time of the group's formation.

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