Behind The Artworks: Quiz Show - Sound Of Kissing (Single) (2023)

Chris Matthews of Quiz Show (and Shudder To Think) has shared some comments with us about the cover artwork for the band’s new single ‘Sound of Kissing’ and forthcoming self-titled ‘Quiz Show’ album.

This cover art is by Renée Lo Bue, who sings with Elk City and co-founded Magic Door Records. The idea of having Renée’s art on the cover came from Ray Ketchem. but I had long loved her collage work and was really happy to learn we could go with it for the cover. I have always loved collages and the ones on the LP and single are beautiful in their simplicity and the use of color and shape instead of image content to make a statement. I also really like how the ripped papers deepens the meaning of the image by suggesting creativity through interruption rather than discovery or invention. Thanks for the collaboration Renée!

I also wanted to share some words from her about these artistic creations.

“Moving Day”, the cover art to Quiz Show’s debut full-length, was created 2 years ago as part of my LITTLE EMO series, an ongoing micro-project of analog paper/collage art I create in 10 minutes or less. LITTLE EMO, an abbreviation of the phrase, “A little emotional” is a self-created exercise to spark momentum, restraint, and decision-making. “Moving Day” was one of the first LITTLE EMOs I created.

Shortly after, I made “Hey Moon”, the cover art for Quiz Show’s first single, “Sound of Kissing”. Ray Ketchem looked through my art archive and suggested “Hey Moon” to Quiz Show’s Chris Matthews as a potential cover for their single. “Hey Moon” is inspired by Molly Nilsson’s beautiful song bearing the same name.

A genuine fan, I’m flattered Quiz Show chose another piece of my work to represent their music. It’s a super sweet connection because we live in the same town and they’re on the record label I founded with Ray and Kevin March, the Magic Door Record Label.

It’s my modest opinion that the pairing of Quiz Show’s music and my art spawns an energy that’s beautifully unhinged.

Renée LoBue

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