Behind The Tracks: DIRTY MITTS - BALL & CHAIN (Single) (2023)

"Ball and Chain was written in an office in Baker Street, when Mo and I (Tommy) were hanging out after work. We wanted to pay homage to our favourite band The Rolling Stones. A rather optimistic thought crossed our minds - maybe we’d be caught in some scandalous lawsuit in which the Stones would secretly try to steal our song and pass it off as their own. The searing vocals and catchy tune mean the public would never suspect a thing, obviously... The song is about a toxic relationship. It’s passionate and addictive, but the blood pumping through his veins isn’t just desire, it’s poison too. Fire can be beautiful but it bloody hurts if you get too close" - Dirty Mitts

Track written by Dirty Mitts
Recorded and produced by JBJ Studios
Drums recorded at Cargo studio

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