Track By Tracks: CATEGORY VI - Firecry (2023)

1. Firecry:

The title track of the album and a battle hymn. This song is about witch burnings and how being “different” is still causing us to be “burned” all these years later.

2. Valkyrie:

Is about sexism, misogyny and being told to be quiet and take it. Further, developing a sisterhood to band together as Valkyries to rise up against those in the world who would keep us down.

3. The Vultures Never Came:

Written in memory of Jill Janus of Huntress. Our lead singer Amanda and Jill had become friends and Jill had expressed interest in featuring on a Category VI song. Sadly, Jill passed away and instead of singing with us, Amanda sang about her. The song is an homage and lament that mental illness has taken so many bright souls.

4. She Runs with Wolves:

Is about a woman who was beaten down so badly by society, she fled into the deep woods. One night she was abducted by aliens who befriend her by giving her shapeshifting powers. She becomes a man-eating wolf at will!

5. Heavy Is the Crown:

Persistence and resilience in the face of adversity to emerge as a leader. “Heavy is the crown but she wears it like a feather.”

6. Coven:

The band seduces people into a show at a venue that’s been converted to our Coven’s lair. As the show progresses the crowd is trapped and burned alive for consumption. It’s a twist on the dynamic where the fans devour everything there is about a group. Turnabout is fair play.

7. The Cradle Will Fall:

A child witnesses their mother being abused. The abused becomes the child’s abuser. The child realizes they are on their own to fend for themselves and grow up fast.

8. Burning Bridges:

The term “Burning Bridges” often has a negative connotation, but some bridges need burning and it’s better. Not everyone deserves access to us, especially if they are false friends who reveal themselves as bullies.

9. Barracuda:

A cover of the “Heart” classic. A great song with a heavy riff begging for metal treatment. The Wilson sisters were singing about music industry misogyny in ’77 and not enough has changed 46 years later. The theme dovetails into “Firecry” perfectly.

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