Track By Tracks: Hellz - Warrior (2023)

The story behind each song on ‘WARRIOR’ (HELLZ). It's not a story for the faint-hearted. It's the story of trauma and the strength it takes to carry on.


Written by Gorka Alegre and Lisa Perry (Hellz) Hurricane is a song that represents a strong wild and untameable woman. A woman with spirit and drive to succeed, she will not be put down... Her presence is intriguing and addictive. Those who treat her right are loved intensely and those who cause her pain she tears through like a hurricane.


Warrior is a song about survival, it's about coming back from the embers of what burnt you like a Phoenix. Like a soldier you fight for victory. Darkness calls us, across the seas but when midnight falls all souls are free. When the night is over you will live again. A soldier's cry speaks of power within, we scream in the face of conflict ‘Boil my blood, cause we will fight till the end,because evil bows to champions. We are not afraid. Although, it’s a song for everyone that battles. A song for the world. It is also a song that strongly represents what I feel about the people of Ukraine. They have shown the world courage, strength, and commitment to stand up for what is right in the face of evil... The people of Ukraine are true warriors… Champions.


All aboard the Karma Train and Hellz is driving this heavy beast right into the path of everyone who deserves a dose! Are you ready to hand a dose out to someone? Well, grab a ticket and jump aboard to collect your due justice “toot toot Muthafucker!’. It's also a song I wrote about enjoying success and standing tall in the face of an industry that let me down. The song is a constant reminder to every twat waffle that said “I couldn't. The more they bleated like demented sheep, the more I found my power to succeed in their faces by showing the world I surely can! It led to me writing, singing, producing, and playing Bass and guitar on most of the songs on the album Warrior. The best karma is a success.

On a serious note, sadly ,This is the behaviour of a few tragic male power mongers in this industry that still treat the ladies as a piece of meat. Think ala’ Harvey Weinstein. They try to destroy women with inapt lies and defamation all because they say no and they're butt hurt about it. “I'll RUIN YOUR CAREER THE GREEDY FAT PIG SAID’. (nice try dickhead).


I won't forget tomorrow of how they took the opportunity to really wreck my head. They shot their poison arrows. But they forgot the possibility that they would bleed instead. Every cheap shot comes back to you.

Widowmaker was a song I wrote and recorded during a time where I was dealing with a lot of foul play from a group of haters here in the Australian music scene (ala Harvy Weinstein incident). They called me a troublemaker, a fake, a whore, a psychopath, a narcissist, Mrs Piggy, you name it. They tried so hard to get me down. But the one thing people like this fail to realise is that you can't hurt someone with a lie, but one can destroy them with the truth.

People like this can only win when you think they win. For me, as a woman who never gives up, this is a very powerful position to be in.


Fire to the sky is a song produced by Gorka Alegre. I wrote the lyrics and melody. It is a song about victory. A song about going out and literally setting fire to the sky with your will and power to overcome any hurdle that stands in your way. Sometimes life can be confusing it can get twisted and a bit out of control.


Gorka Alegre, Tolo Grimalt, and Lisa Perry (written by) 
Bitch ran away is a song about someone taking control of your thoughts and perceptions. It's about that person who led you down the garden path. The liar, the thief. It’s about the way you feel inside, the embarrassment and the letdown you feel when you realize they took you for a ride. ‘’That bitch ran away with my soul”.


It's funny how some people change. They wash their hands and walk away. Some people need someone to blame. Some people think control is a game. Well, F*** you cause I'm not gonna play.

This one is about an intriguing bunch of characters I used to know. One day they were like family to me but the next when I really needed them they left me. Unfortunately for me while on tour last year I had a horrendous experience where someone known to me broke into the bathroom when I was showering with a knife, I was mentally and physically abused. Further details don't need to be disclosed. Although I tried to ask for help from my so-called friends around me, they walked away and didn't believe me. They chose to side with the attacker because they believe he could get them places in the industry. I guess they need a prescription of reality.


Honey is about being free, being uncontrolled. It's about having a bit of sass and attitude. Honey don't care, she's got a free soul.

Whatever shit comes her way she will put in a box and burn, then carry on.


Well, obviously this song is about some very silly boys who could have gone very far within the music world. Sadly, their attitudes, dishonor, and bad habits, ruined that opportunity. A glass pipe was mentioned within the song as one of those silly little men had the audacity to tell me to try Meth. Um, no thanks.
Good luck with that! Seeya BYE!


Hell and back is about my journey, it's about having a talent and wanting to succeed so badly that it physically hurts. It's about holding onto a gift that you have but you can't give it away and it's getting heavy to carry. It's about selling your soul within an industry that wont give anything in return.

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