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Endwalker is a Progressive Metalcore band from Madrid, born in 2019 just before the pandemic. Founded by Javier/Aura Fragment and made up of experienced musicians. Its members are Arturo (vocals), Javier (guitar), Miguel (guitar), Daniel (bass), and Bastian (drums, band collaborator).

They define their sound as “a great presence of original guitars, which join atmospheres and ambients fused with touches of progressive rhythms”. It is crowned by powerful voices that go from clean to screamings, bringing beauty to those ambient passages.

Endwalker records its first album between openings and closings due to the pandemic, produced and engineered by Aura Fragment. In this album you will find a lot of variety between songs, going from sad songs like Circadian to powerful breakdowns like Speak In Tongues, or a roller coaster song like The Lighthouse. This album deals with complex human concepts like toxicity and trickery, the loss of loved ones, or depression, but with the idea that being aware of it can help us to be better.

First Album

Once the recording of the album was complete, they released their first single independently in the summer of 2022, The Lighthouse, and the next one a month later, Speak In Tongues. Both singles are accompanied by visuals created in collaboration with Mike, singer of Against The Waves.

Then Hellseeker and Revenant followed, two powerful songs whose visuals have been elaborated by the band itself. They shoot the first video clip with the most important song on the album, Circadian, collaborating with the actor production company Méltica Producciones.

Endwalker’s self-titled album was released on March 24 closing the first stage of the band. Five more songs join the released singles, and the band starts working on arranging their first shows.

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