Behind The Scenes: Spotlights - Sunset Burial (Official Video)

The video for “Sunset Burial” was conceived from the idea of the inevitable “Death” coming for us all and the push and pull of emotions that can go along with that. I came up with the idea to have shots of Sarah (Quintero) playing “Death” in two different scenarios. One; the morbid, more violent, fear-based idea of death, And two; the comforting, relief-based idea of leaving this world behind. I also wanted to incorporate the “Seance/Alchemy For The Dead" part of the theme, with Sarah playing the medium summoning my spirit.

We approached a talented filmmaker and friend, John Pope, to help us bring the idea to life, and luckily he agreed! Our budget for this was close to zero so we had to get really creative and work with what we could find for props and location. Luckily, living in Pittsburgh there is no shortage of beautiful cemeteries (and sunsets) so we were able to find the perfect setting for the outdoor shots close to where we live. The indoor shots were all done in our dining room and basement studio, using drapes and things we found around the house to create the setting.

John had a fantastic idea for the creepy, vintage footage that makes up the bulk of the video. He actually filmed through a vintage photography camera to achieve the look, and it counts better. Without his eye and direction, the dark, beautiful, yet unsettling look and feel of everything wouldn’t have been possible. He really understands the music and from taking our photos to filming the video, he really has captured the idea and aesthetic of “Alchemy For The Dead”.

Since Chris (Enriquez) lives in Brooklyn, NY, we had our friend John Lamacchia film him at this practice space for some of the live performance footage. Luckily it blended perfectly with what we had and really brought that section of the video together.

Even though the theme of the song is more about what passes through one’s mind while waiting to die, and all the emotions that come along with that; regret, hope, fear, relief, etc... We feel that the video captures another aspect of the intention behind the music and the album as a whole.

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