Track By Tracks: CLUSTERFUX - Blood (2022)

1. Blood:

This song is about skateboarding and rebellion. Some of the injuries in the song were me but others happened to friends. The coping to the teeth happened to my friend and the head hitting the concrete with a huge blood splatter was Justin. We measured the splatter and if I recall correctly it went 25 feet!

2. Letters:

This is just a song were we call out a few people that are really pissing us off. We’ve recorded it a few times, always with a different and updated target. Lauren Boebrt is the most recent subject. She gets the treatment this time because she is from Colorado (so are we!) and is from the area of the state where we grew up. Now she is in congress and is a total embarrassment, unfit for office. Yet people I know voted for her. Shit.

3. DBAD:

This one is about letting go of whatever bullshit from your past that is keeping you from being the best version of you in the present. We have the choice to be disruptive or skillful in our behaviors and how we interact with others. Don't be a dick.

4. No Peace:

The song ‘The List’ by Filth is an influence on the subject of this song. It's about friends that have forgotten that they once stood for or believed in something better was possible but that have now succumbed to limiting and conservative views on life. The friends that used to sing along with MDC but are stuck watching Fox now waiving Trump flags and voting for Lauren Bobert. Its about them.

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