Track By Tracks: Sophist - Avenger… Liberator... (2023)

1. Rigid Ideology:

Starts with a guitar and synth hook followed by a fast grindcore onslaught with a big climax, paving the way for the rest of the EP.

2. Piercing the Nervecenter:

Starts with a hammering industrial beat layered beneath a crushing riff, and transforms into a black metal dirge, before exploding into an ultrafast chaotic melody with tons of layers, which resolves neatly in the end.

3. Class Warfare, Conquest & Power:

A barrage of double kicks all throughout a complex song structure, with a proggy bridge that leads into more grindcore chaos complete with an electric grand piano.

4. Black Thunder:

A thrashy song with vocals, riffs, and leads from the 80s, at grindcore tempos.

5. Stochastic Masochism:

Stands out from the rest of the EP with a gradually building intro, a creepy interlude, and a slow doom metal section. The synths play a huge role in this song.

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