Track By Tracks: Total Invasion - Invasion Zone (2023)

1. New York Tough:

Total Invasion was started during the pandemic. Ryan and John spent a lot of time outside making music riding bikes, picking up beers all over the city, and drinking them on the street and in parks. At 7pm every evening, people would pop out of the windows of their apartments to make noise and cheer on the hospital workers, so it was an opportunity for us to yell and be obnoxious while day drinking. There were slogans going around like “Thank You Heroes” and “NY Tough” to describe the way the city was handling the trying times and we ended up using that as a working title and it stuck. The lyrics are from the perspective of a perfect disease that is undetectable an unstoppable and that any human effort to stop it is futile.

2. Everyone Loves Raymond:

We just ended up writing this song and picking an audio sample to throw on it which ended up being Ray Romano telling a dumb dirty joke. I (Ryan) am an idiot and can’t figure out the name of the TV show Ray was on, as well as other media titles we thought about using. So I figured I could use a similar but wrong title for the song and it stuck. The song is about cum.

3. Dripping Wet:

This song is about being diagnosed with diabetes and taking medication that gives you diarrhea and eating food with fake sugar that also gives you diarrhea and shitting your pants frequently.

4. Human Elation:

The first song John and Ryan wrote live and not on a computer piecing together riffs. It’s grinder since we both come from more of that background. The end of the song is called the “Pearl Harbor Memorial” The song is inspired by grilling meat at a 4th of July BBQ

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