Track By Tracks: WEISSRAVANA - Awakening Of The Ancient Blood (2023)

1. Cliffed by the Follis:

It is the origin of WeissRavana and is a representative song. And it is also an epic poem of the story that will be spun from now on.

2. Awakening of The Ancient Blood:

The title track of the EP has a complex composition that seamlessly mixes brutal riffs and beautiful melodies, yet it simply expresses WeissRavana's worldview.

3. Tears in Obscurity:

A magnificent introductory interlude to the next anthem, with an unornamented structure only with pianos, strings, and poetic recitation.

4. The Blaze Birth for RE:grade:

The representative anthem of the current state of WeissRavana. Both brutal and melodious tunes are intricately and intellectually intertwined so that they elevate toward the climax. Then what scenery will you see at the end...

5. Teaser song:

A teaser introducing the subsequent state of WeissRavana.

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