Behind The Artworks: ANTIROPE - Amnesia (2023)

My parents bought a painting from the artist Francesca Spille many years ago, before her untimely passing. The artwork immediately captured my attention with its beautiful blend of painting and collage. When it came time to brainstorm ideas for our album cover, we wanted something that would reflect the darkness of our music, without being too cliché. I stumbled upon a photo of Francesca's painting on my computer, and decided to darken it in Photoshop. The resulting image struck the perfect balance between darkness and vibrancy that we were looking for, and the rest of the band loved it just as much as I did.

What drew us to the painting was its abstract expression and chaotic landscape, which we felt perfectly encapsulated the feeling of being pulled into the chaos of the mind. It also fit the theme of our album, 'Amnesia,' by representing the fragmented and scattered memories that we sometimes wish we could forget. (Patrick)

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