Behind The Artworks: Overhead - Telepathic Minds (2023)

Alex created the whole artwork for the album. He used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to his advantage same as when he created the video for War To End All Wars. This is what he says about creating the video:

Alex: "I made it using open source software that I installed, modified, and ran myself. Mostly using an experimental mishmash codebase called Deforum 0.6, and some proprietary up-scalers, to be more specific: it is a continuous sequence 1024*768 30fps rendering every frame, running motions/reactivity/etc. using frame by frame jsons outputted by chigozie's audio-keyframe-generator, which was fed custom mixes of the song, to try to creatively control the chaotic monster that is the Diffusion-genre of AI. All these tools are already obsolete now, that's how fast it's all moving."

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