Behind The Tracks: DemUnillusions - Edges (Single) (2023)

An ode to a friend who's gone.

In December 2021, Artem Korablev, a close friend of DemUnillusions, died.

The song "Edges" was written many years ago by Artem Korablev and was performed by him personally in the music of Pochtovaya Slujba Bangkoka. A video was made for the release, which was attended by all those who wanted to honor the musician. Work on the release had been going on since the beginning of 2022, and it was very hard, both emotionally and in terms of writing the material and adapting the song. It took most of the time to write and record the symphony and record the vocals, as everything that came out was not to the band's liking.

Artem Korablev was a locally significant musician with active creativity, the most unconventional approach to music writing, and an infinite number of ideas. He left too early, and the world is missing the opportunity to learn about him, to get to know what he left behind. That's why DemUnillusion is very keen to tell people that this man lived and was alive, created, and loved.

Perhaps this track will enter the band's live program one day, but on special occasions, as the wound is still bleeding.

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