Track By Tracks: Domidium - Beyond (2023)

1. Dragonslayer:

Power Metal meets thrash metal. It’s a shredder. The song is about the battle in overcoming a heavy obstacle in your life.

2. Chromatose:

The working title stuck in this song. Nasty riffs for days, trade-off solos, and fun moments in the vocals. Song’s about sharing your music with the world.

3. Dotar Sojat:

Micah’s a big science fiction fan and the content is the story of John Carter in A Princess of Mars. This song practically wrote itself. The shortest song on the album with a driving and stomping tempo.

4. Stoutsmasher:

Our very own drinking song! The heaviest riffs on the album. Stout we toast to you!

5. The Wounded One:

We slowed things down a bit for this one. It’s about the healing process after going through difficulties in life. Sometimes you’re wounded and left to heal on your own. How do you push through?

6. Kaiju:

This one’s a rager from start to finish. It hits hard like the Kaiju monster it’s written about. Leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

7. Lucian’s Odyssey:

Our most progressive song and a favorite of ours to play live. It’s about a story told of fantastic adventures, but are they for real? Would you believe me?

8. Existential Awakening:

This is a thrasher about wanting to be more than human. It’s the progression of humans to Gods by wanting their fire to be burning brighter.

9. The Shrike:

Per Micah it’s the most evil of space monsters. The song has a creepy sludge vibe to it to go along with the torturous monster should it catch you. Beware!

10. What Lies Beyond:

an acoustic song with strings sprinkled in. The title speaks for itself. Wondering what lies beyond and the perfect closer to the album.

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