Track By Tracks: Gutted Christ - Hail And Kill (2023)

1. Blasphecross:

This song celebrates sin and hedonism. The "Blasphecross" is an icon of sin in the shape of an inverted cross (the antithesis of Christ) that gains power from people not bowing down to dogmatic religious BS.

2. Bring out the Gurneys:

About a coroner who is the one that's killing the people, he ends up examining.

3. Weeping Savior:

One of my faves, it's referring to Jesus being unable to save himself, so why would he help any of us?

4. In the Coils ov Death:

Very simple, it's about someone (or a vampire, we never decided) dying.

5. Faceless Misery:

The most relatable track, it's simply about depression and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Straight Fucking Murderous:

You ever have a really bad day and feel like you're gonna snap? This is basically what that's about. The game "Hatred" was also an inspiration. (hence the soundclip at the beginning)

7. Threat to your Existence:

Similar to the previous track, except the person in this song just hates everyone and wants everyone to die.

8. Spawns ov Perdition:

A simple song about the sons of Satan, biding their time to ascend back to Heaven and burn it down in the name of vengeance.

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