Band Biographies: IMAGICA

IMAGICA is a Ukrainian / Portuguese Cinematic Arena Dance Metal band | art project, founded by Ukrainian professional Film Director, singer, songwriter, and guitar player Victor Maslyaev and Portuguese composer, sound engineer, and guitar player David Uricchio.

Band members are based in Lisbon, Portugal where their StarCult Studio is situated.

As professional Filmmaker and Musician, the guys have tons of influences varying from different styles of metal like Melodeath, Modern Metal to Industrial, Progressive, EDM, pop, punk, and film scores.

That’s where the genre definition and the band’s motto/caption came from, defining the band’s Mission.

Cinematic - IMAGICA strives to be musically visual - each song represents a separate plot line with the cinematic script written and ready to shoot.

They’ve always been fascinated by the approach of Rammstein, Mylene Farmer, and even Meat Loaf where the music videos are more to a short film telling a story in its artistic and metaphoric way.

Arena - let’s be honest, If you want to play as a garage band you can enjoy that kind of activity with a bunch of friends and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to be a professional musician and see your music as a dream of fulfilling your Life Mission - then you must raise arenas and write the music people would enjoy!

Dance - the riffs and melodies as the guys say, must be fun to play and enjoyable to listen. Sometimes it’s a jumper, sometimes a sentimental ballad, sometimes a moshpit slam, or an anthemic club raiser but people must be able to have fun and move, releasing their emotions positively, even if the reality is ugly enough to make you cry.

Metal - oh, yeah - IMAGICA is metal! Raised on multiple metal influences from Melodeath, Doom, Death, and Sympho Black to Industrial, Metalcore, Modern Metal, Alternative, AOR, and Pop, the band combines riffing with catchy melodies, clean singing with all sorts of growls and screams. Metal for IMAGICA is a therapy and a way to release aggression, sadness, despair hate and anger in a positive way turning them into life-proving messages and respect for everyone.

The band was hugely inspired by a lot of artists of the 80s, 90s, and 00s blending genres and reconsidering them in their own modern artistic way.

‘Imagine a playlist when you start with Sting, then go to Meat Loaf, Slipknot, In Flames, and Rammstein, adding Roxette with A-ha, Morten Harket, Lamb Of God, Ghost, Van Halen, Linkin’ Park, Scooter, and Queen), spice it up with old days Metallica, My Dying Bride, Muse, Corey Taylor, and the modern vibe of Bring Me the Horizon, Lorna Shore, add a few Ukrainian folk tunes, and film-scores from Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Edward Shearmur and dozens of film and classic composers. Then you have it all put through your artistic eye and make all your versatile influences blend in your head into something else…’

Currently, the band keeps working on the rest of the songs to the ‘NUMBER ONE’ full album. Overall, the album will consist of 12 tracks.

IMAGICA keeps constantly writing new material. Now they have about 30 songs already composed and demo recorded, for the second and partly the third album, so there will be no problem with the new releases from IMAGICA.


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