Behind The Artworks: Metasphaera - Metasphæra (2023)

The cover of Metasphaera's self-titled album was created in collaboration with artist Francesco De Luca and features a metal sculpture by artist Wolfgang Heckmann, father of the album's composer, Tom Heckmann.

The work of art, composed of stainless steel carriage bolts and nuts, was created in the mid-1980s and forms a core around which various "spheres" are built.

Visually, the metal object is parallel to the music, in which each piece on the album has a main theme that forms the center as a foundation and around which spheres are formed that build on and vary in each other. The sphere also represents the name of the band METASPHÆRA, which is composed of the words "meta" (goal, beyond) and "sphaera" (sphere).

The core themes lyrically processed in the music describe transpersonal processes of growth and consciousness expansion experienced and lived through by the soul in its human form. In this context, the metal sphere represents a symbolic energy center as a metaphysical symbol of personal growth, which is processed visually more explicitly in the artwork of the title "Katharsis". The structure represents "hardening, mechanization and alienation" that coexist with "resilience, clarity and strength". The piece of art also contains an opening that acts as a portal into the unknown shadow realm of our existence, on the way to the inner dimensions and consciousness.

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