Behind The Scenes: HOG MEETS FROG - of snakes 'n' moles 'n' bulls 'n' dough (Official Video)

When we planned the recording of 'humANIMALization', it was quickly clear that we wanted to make a video and that it should be a claymation video.
I have to say that I have loved watching this kind of movie since I was a child, and I still love watching them today.
Now the only question was which song to use, and "of snakes 'n' moles 'n' bulls 'n' dough" was the perfect choice. Also because the playful, sweet presentation of the claymation video was a very good contrast to the content of the song, which is quite serious. You know, the attempt to get someone to betray a friend for the sake of money, in order to profit from it, that's interpersonal hard stuff – right.

In the beginning, I was working alone and I had already shot and edited a few scenes, when I asked one of my closest friends (Attila Zolt Tornyi []), if he wanted to develop a few scenes with me - he had already done the cover for 'humANIMAlization' and knew the stories and statements of the songs.
He immediately started drawing and making characters... and so only the characters of the band remained of mine. However, he also improved them so that we could work with them better.
By the way... the video was made in my apartment, in my living room and in the converted bedroom... well and in Attila's studio, where he finally edited the film.
All in all, I think I can say that after a few packs of clay, quite a few shots, many hours of work and some discussion, a fine video has been created. What would you say?

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