Track By Tracks: BLVGTH - From Behind The Frosted Sun (2023)

The album lyrically details the journey of a luminous figure who descends into the depth of the universal id to unearth unseen mysteries. The journey is rife with initiations and complex dealings with darkness, and the protagonist is refined by each brush with uncertainty, which sharpens their attunement to their true warrior nature.

Musically each track was a way to mix up different vibes of Black Metal throughout history:

1. The Calling:

A classic suspense builder, in my mind this track steps up the mythological trip Lindsay was aiming for.

2. The Seeker's Sojourn Among Chaotic Ruin:

This track was aimed to be a blend between early 90s Black Metal and more "modern" dissonant sounds, creating a violent tension and atmosphere reminiscent of early raw Black Metal sounds. A first taste of what Blvgth could be, I always knew this was going to be the "single" but also knew the project had much more to showcase musically.

3. Like Sun Breaks Through Winter:

Probably the most melodic of the EP, it was a real eye-opener for me as to how the project could evolve musically and how wide was Black Metal as a genre to encompass, the ending maintains its melody while a blanket of blast-beats propulse the ambiance forward.

4. Disillusioned, Amongst Wolves:

Early Black Metal straight up, Darkthrone mid-tempo there, adding a bit of our own flavor, we both have a Death Metal background and experience so sometimes a bit of that is leaked through the music even if it's our intention or not.

5. Whose Lamplighter Glows:

A really eerie and haunting track, melodic but yet so brutal, a rollercoaster, and maybe a love letter to Emperor and Dimmu Borgir.

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