Track By Tracks: Walk With Titans - Olympian Dystopia (2023)

Herakles is about the Greek Hero, this one is a straightforward metal hymn in which we channeled our inner ManOwar.

Edge Of Time is a fast pace song about 'Khronos' representing time eating us all.

Gods Of The Pantheon is a mid-tempo song in which we let Jo (vocals) have his fun! As Titans Fall is the 'thrashier' song with what I think is a very cool chorus.

Lost Ways is a song with a big catchy chorus and could kinda be described a bit as 'happy power metal'.

Final Dawn kinda has a 'pirate feel' due to its tempo. Running Wild With Titans ?!

Gift Of Fire; A song about the Titan Prometheus. We had a very special guest on this one for the guitar solo, Renato Osorio (ex-Hibria) did a pretty good job!

Lost Paradise has a laidback feel but is still very powerful metal. Jo goes a bit raspier in this one.

Seven Against Thebes could probably be described as 'textbook power metal' and I wouldn't even be mad about it. Very straightforward and efficient.

Eurydice is the most Epic song. One of our favorites, and the one containing the most diverse textures.

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