Track By Tracks: Winterhearth - Rape Of Eden (2023)

1.Scarlet Love (& A Black Heart):

During the songwriting process Anabelle Iratni (Veile, Ex-Cradle of Filth) really helped me out a lot on this one. This track deals with the effects of opium as well as addiction and slowly killing yourself although feeling painless. Song also touches on the political side of opium as well because many wars were fought over it as well as used.

2.Rape of Eden:

This track is about how we can have our Eden if we want it but mankind is too foolish to know the difference and rather continue to destroy and tear apart what’s beautiful.


The most to-the-point track on the EP. This track is about Wolfsbane (Or Monkshood). Originally, I wanted to call it Wolfsbane, but I felt I would be naming it after the band that features Blaze Bailey on vocals. This track is mainly about how vile Monkshood poisoning can be.


Always had a fascination with the folklore of green fairies and absinthe. I’ve never had true absinthe. This track really deals with the poison of the artist. Now absinthe won’t kill yeah but high concentrations of wormwood just might so the song focuses on what could happen in that moment if you ingested too much wormwood.

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