Excellent work and great website. It's a great opportunity to promote underground bands like us. Thank you!   - Mau, Guitar player from Verdad Sin Sombra

 For many years we have worked with Breathing The Core. The site has a slew of killer features, great interviews, bad-ass compilations, and so much more. Breathing The Core are massive supporters of new music and the alternative community, and long may it continue!  - Garry Hutchinson, Owner of SaN PR

 What yall are doing amazing, especially the scope of it all. Global promotion for underground metal bands. Its utterly amazing and the community needs more people like yall.  - Empyrean Design, Metalcore band from Lousiana

  I love how Breathing the Core take such a genuine interest in bands / artists - in my opinion they do old school REAL music journalism!  - Warrick, from BarCreeps band

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