News: Cretura - Japanese Release Date - Video Announcement!‏

Norwegian Symphonic Extreme Metal combo Cretura unleashed a video announcement for the upcoming japanese release of "Fall Of the Seventh Golden Star".

The debut album will be available for the japanese market on June the 29th via Wormholedeath Japan.

The video announcement can be streamed here :
(in japanese with english subtitles)

"Fall Of the Seventh Golden Star"

1. Past, Present & Future  
2. Reign of Terror  
3. Grand Warfare Through Dark Ages 
4. Voices of Hunger 
5. Funeral Roses 
6. Northern Winds
7. Pray For A Brighter Tomorrow  
8. Når Lyset Dør
9. At The 11th Hour   
10. The Pale Horseman & The Hunter of The Sky 
11. The Last Song of The Earth

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