News: Metal Chef Brian Tsao Appears on "CBS This Morning," New "Taste of Metal" Eps With KsE, Amon Amarth + More‏

Metal Chef Brian Tsao appeared on CBS This Morning over the weekend. Watch his appearance here, where he discusses his love of heavy metal and cooking, all the while wearing a Candiria shirt.

He was also recently featured at Fatherly.

Tsao co-created Metal Injection's "Taste of Metal" series with the site's own Frank Godla. The series is currently in its first season. 

The latest episodes feature KsEAmon Amarth, and Candiria. You can whet your appetite and get your giggles on!
In each episode, the musicians are tasked with replicating a delicious dish inspired by their music and carefully prepared by Tsao. How do these artists fare off the stage and in the sacred space that is Tsao's kitchen? The culinary results are mixed, but always hilarious. The first episode, featuring the legend that is Zakk Wylde, is viewable here.

The series is another benchmark for Metal Injection, one of the most essential sites where metalheads go multiple times a day to get their fix for original content, news, reviews, and more.
Queens-born Brian Tsao is a celebrated chef and a lifelong metal fan. At the age of 15, he lived in China, learned the language, and became the guitarist of the country's first touring thrashcore band. This situation allowed him to travel the country and learn about the cuisine of each region and their specialties.
By fusing the cuisines and his experiences, Tsao has created very unique menus that speak fluently to Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Japanese and American cuisines.
In March 2014, Chef Brian appeared on Beat Bobby Flay, a Food Network program where two chefs compete to challenge Bobby Flay by cooking a dish highlighting an ingredient chosen by Flay. The winner then faced the Food Network star in another battle—this time, the challenger picking the dish they will both cook. A panel of three judges (and fellow chefs) decided the winner. Tsao challenged Flay in a taco battle and won with his Beef Bulgogi Tacos. He was the sole chef to beat Bobby Flay the entire season.
He is currently the executive chef at Manhattan's Mira Sushi and Brooklyn's Kimoto.
Now Tsao is back in front of the camera with "Taste of Metal," where he cross-pollinates his two biggest passions: food and heavy metal.

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