News: RISK RELAY: New Jersey Act To Release Fourth Album Through Nefarious Industries‏

RISK RELAY, sixteen-year veterans of the New Jersey local music scene, are excited to be releasing their fourth record, As We Descend, this November, the band's first album for Nefarious Industries.
Closing a three-year gap in releases, RISK RELAY sought out new inspirational energy and direction for the creations of this new concept recording, the lyrics and artwork for As We Descend inspired by the late nineteenth-century science fiction novel, Etidorpha, which depicts the story of a man banished to an alternate world within the center of the Earth.
With six expansive new movements, As We Descend was engineered by RISK RELAY drummer Brian Buccellato at his own Volume IV studio in New Brunswick. The album showcases a very apparent evolution in the band's songwriting and arrangements, while there is still a nod to the frenetic buzz of their earlier work. The trademark dissonant guitar interplay from Ed Dailey and Mark Weinberg remains, as do the intricate, syncopated rhythms, brought by Buccellato's drumming and Steve Bumgarner's basslines. Dailey's intelligent lyrics guide the listener on a journey through the abyss, reflecting the emotional distress of the book's main character, longing for both what he's seen and what remains to be seen. In the end, re-emerging from the subterranean, we encounter the band's most engaging collection of songs to date.
RISK RELAY has shared bills with and become fans of many of the acts within the Nefarious Industries family over the years, and the members are very excited to be joining the label's roster. As We Descend will arrive in vinyl and digital formats in November 2016. An exact street date, album artwork, and more info on the album will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, RISK RELAY will be actively performing throughout the region on a regular basis leading up to and through the release of As We Descend this Autumn.
4/30/2016 Boon Tunes - Boonton, NJ w/ Control, NY In 64, Please Exist, The Silver Screen
5/21/2016 The Blarney Station - Warwick, NY w/ Veneer
6/30/2016 The Citizen - Jersey City, NJ w/ Control

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