News: Stages Releases Good Charlotte Cover, Imminence Records Debut EP Due June 24th‏

Imminence Records has announced that they have signed Floridian metalcore youngsters Stages and will be releasing the band’s label debut, entitled New War, June 24th. The EP will feature four tracks and feature a guest spot from Exotype vocalist Steven McCorry. The band however has chosen to celebrate their signing by releasing a cover of Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem.”
We are very excited to sign with Imminence records, we definitely believe they will help us in our journey to make bigger steps and the right moves for our future. The approach we took to the cover was not to make it our own, but to be a tribute to the band that we all respect and love. We are stoked for the future and for our debut EP.” - Aaron Berkshire (Vocals)

1. Forget The Past 
2. Destiny 
3. Remember Me 
4. New War (Feat Steven McCorry)

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