News: Story Untold Sign To Hopeless Records‏

Hopeless Records is excited to welcome five-piece Canadian pop-rock band, Story Untold, to its roster. Today the band also releases their new self-titled EP and music video for “History”! The EP is now available digitally on iTunes and Spotify.

On signing with Hopeless Records, lead singer Janick Thibault says – "We're all very excited to be signing to Hopeless Records. Being a fan of the label and the artists it collaborates with it's very humbling to be apart of such a hard working group that passionately cares for its individual talents. We're very excited for the future and cant wait to see where it goes. Looking forward to showing you all what we have in store."
Story Untold is a pop-rock band based out of Montreal, Canada. Story Untold found it’s humble beginnings in the bedroom of lead vocalist Janick Thibault who laid the foundation for Story Untold through his creative renditions of popular alternative songs that he released through youtube. After several years of releasing covers, Janick reached out to local friends Jessy Bergy, Max Cloutier, Aiden Von Rose and Mehdi Zidani to form what fans have come to receive as Story Untold.
Since their beginnings, Story Untold has cultivated an impressive following of over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, with over 30 million views including over 150,000 likes on Facebook and thousands more across other various social media platforms.

Story Untold is out now via Hopeless Records.

1. Everything Is OK
2. You're A Freak
3. History
4. Give Up On Us
5. Another night
6. If I Had One Dollar
7. What If

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