News: Wicked World premiers first track from Witch Hunt‏

Wicked World has premiered the first track "WATCHYOUSLEEP" from the album "Witch Hunt"  The track features guest vocals by John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos.  "Witch Hunt" hits stores June 24.  Link to video at bottom.

WICKED WORLD - "Witch Hunt"

1. Panic
2. WATCHYOUSLEEP (ft. John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos)
3. Crowd of Horns
4. Burn Victim 
5. Dogmother (ft. Jason Frazier of BeheadingTheTraitor)
6. Pack of Teeth (ft. Andrew Hileman of I AM) 
7. I Am the Grey

Recorded by Nick Navito (The Nook Recording Studio)
Mixed by Pete Grossman (Bricktop Recording)
Mastered by Brad Boatright (AUDIOSIEGE)
Artwork by Mark Richards (Heavy Hand Illustration)

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