News: Empyrean Take "Judges" to Task in Official Lyric Video‏

Progressive Metal band Empyrean has released the John Spinney directed lyric video for their djent influenced sophomore single "Judges". Premiered on Heavy Blog Is Heavy, "Judges" was mixed by Jason Daggett and mastered by Kris Krummet.
Judges is written about a moment in time where I had a job that was extremely rough day after day. It's about the consequences of being "different" regardless of where you are. I realized not all consequences are direct, there is subtleties in this too. There is opportunities lost, being overlooked, and overruled, among other things that looking different cause. This doesn't stop in school, there is genuine discrimination no matter where you go or where you live. This song was about learning to deal with the weight of judgment for who I am. - Jakoby Pierce - Lyrics/Vocals

Deathcore has come a long way since its early days. Bands such as Whitechapel and The Acacia Strain have been doing it for over a decade now, and even Despised Icon are back at it again. It’s not a resurgence of the genre so much as it is a continuing sort of staying power that it brings with it. The fact it has endured this long is simply astounding, because I never thought it would, quite honestly. Empyrean are a deathcore band that are looking to continue that trend of keeping the genre alive. - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Catch Empyrean LIVE at Tacoma Real Art with Misery Signals on July 29th.

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