News: From States Away Debut New Video and Announce Sophomore EP‏

New York pop-punk band From States Away has just completed work on their sophomore EP Hypervigilant, produced by Chris Piquette (formerly of the groupTrophy Wives). Today, the band is premiering the first single and music video "Fight or Flight" on Idobi Radio.
"'Fight or Flight' is the introduction to the story of 'Hypervigilant'," says vocalist Chris Lauletti. "It depicts the initial journey a person begins to go through when they start to feel anxiety/depression for the first time. We shot the video over a span of two days with Alex Tuttle from Idealist Media Services, who we've worked with in the past. We attempted to capture the energy of our live performances, and utilize time manipulation to communicate the lonely feeling that often comes with the beginning of that initial journey. "
The name From States Away also hints at the band's formation, as the members reside in NY, CT and NJ. The distance didn't slow them down though, the group won the 2015 Warped Tour battle in Hartford after forming only a few months prior.
Pre-order Hypervigilant here and receive an instant download of "Fight or Flight" now.

1. Fight or Flight 
2. Ashes 
3. Ferris Wheel 
4. Serenity 
5. Chasing Amy

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