News: Read em' and Weep sign to Luxor records, announce debut LP, stream new track‏

Michigan rock quintet Read 'em and Weep have signed to Luxor Records. The band have also announced details of their upcoming debut album. Drawin' Dead is set to drop on August 12th.
The band are streaming a new track from the LP, entitled 'Bottom's Up'.

Track listing:
1. Holy Road 
2. Cold Dead Hand 
3. B.T.F. 
4. Devastation 
5. Don't Look Back 
6. Bottoms Up 
7. Wardaddy 
8. Streetwalker 
9. Ante Up 
10. Stillborn King 
11. Missouri 
12. Widowmaker 
13. Last Call

With captivating guitar work, anthemic rock tones and snarling vocals underpinning a classic and attitude-fuelled rock sound, Read 'em and Weep have honed an in-your-face and raw delivery for upcoming debut record Drawin' Dead.
With tours of the Midwest and Canada in the books, Read 'em and Weep looked to transfer the energy and presence of their live show to record with rookie release "Read ‘em and Weep Live at GBS", a one-take live album recorded at Groove Box Studios. The tracks captured the attention of LA-based label Luxor Records, through whom Read 'em and Weep are set to release the upcoming Drawin' Dead
Speaking about the new release, guitarist Matt Rea stated "We really wanted to capture what we are as a band on this record: feel, groove, attitude, without making it watered down or glossy. We wanted to have a record that showcased our live performance. from start to finish, an onslaught on that is straight forward and in your face."

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