Trade Wind will release You Make Everything Disappear – the band's debut full-length – on July 15 via Graphic Nature Records, an Equal Vision Records imprint founded by producer Will Putney (Northlane, Stray From The Path, Counterparts).
A first look at the album is available now, with the premiere of a haunting music video for "I Hope I Don't Wake Up" via
Pre-orders for You Make Everything Disappear are available now and include an instant MP3 download of "I Hope I Don't Wake Up". First pressing vinyl is limited to 1000 with three color variants including clear (tour exclusive, limited to 600), yellow with black splatter (Equal Vision Records/MerchNOW exclusive, limited to 250), and half opaque light pink / half opaque light blue (Other People Records exclusive, limited to 150). The album will also be available internationally through End Hits Records (UK/Europe) and UNFD (Australia/New Zealand).
The band also recently announced that they’ll head out on a full US tour this Summer, with support from Many Rooms and Wander. All upcoming tour dates can be found below.
"From a time before any of us were playing in bands we were listening to Equal Vision bands. In my eyes they are a legendary label and so the fact that we were able to make Trade Wind a home with EVR is very much, and sorry for the cliché, a dream come true," shares vocalist Jesse Barnett. "Graphic Nature’s involvement is also very important to us, as the label is operated by Will Putney. We have recorded both Trade Windalbums at his studio and I think it's safe to say that we feel not only comfortable - but cared for in the hands of Will."
"I've grown to know all the guys in Trade Wind over the years through various other musical endeavors, so naturally I was excited to hear about this project from the get go," notes Putney. "They're some of my favorite individuals as friends and musicians, and I am extremely impressed with what these four dudes from four different corners of life were able to come together and create. It's exciting to work with a band where there are no boundaries to where a song can go, and You Make Everything Disappearhas succeeded in blowing away my expectations. It's a timeless record and I'm happy to be a part of it."
You Make Everything Disappear takes the band in a new direction from their previously released EP, Suffer Just To Believe, exploring darker lyrical territory and a new perspective. "We approached this record with a very open mindset. We didn’t tie ourselves to an idea of what we thought we should be, we just started writing songs and what came out is what came out," Barnett reveals. "As for me personally, it's been a very hard past 15 months. You have this thing that makes you so happy...this thing you feel like you were even brought to life to do and you have to sacrifice so much for it. And sometimes you can cope with the things you leave behind, and sometimes you can't."
Trade Wind is comprised of vocalist Jesse Barnett, guitarist Tom Williams, bassist Randy LeBeouf and drummer Andrew McEnaney. Establishing their musical careers in other bands (Stray From The Path, Stick To Your Guns, and Structures) and in the studio producing/engineering, the quartet has come together from Montreal, Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto to create something entirely new and truly unexpected.
You Make Everything Disappear is a stunning release from start to finish - the kind of album that holds a certain kind of depth and maturity throughout, where each note, breath and word carries a sense of purpose and carries it's own sonic weight. The album evokes a distinct blend of melancholy and despair, through cascading soundscapes of dark, brooding guitar and intense driving rhythms balanced by refreshing, delicate touches of minimalist piano work, acoustic guitar and soaring airy falsettos woven throughout. Vocally, Barnett showcases his range with a welcome mix of breathy harmonies and intense emotional shouts. You Make Everything Disappear lyrically explores the raw frustration and desperation in wanting to - and needing to - move on, but not quite being ready or knowing how to do so, resulting in an internal struggle and feeling of being 'caught in the in between', so to speak.
"More than anything I want people to separate this from our related projects," adds Barnett. "I don’t want people going into this record with a certain pre-determined mind set. I want the listener to love it or hate based on nothing more than the record itself. I don’t want this to be looked at as a “side project”. In this case I take that term to be derogatory being as how I didn’t just put a piece of myself into it. I put my full self. As did the rest of the members. This band and this record has its own legs and it can walk on its own. Scratch that, it can fucking sprint."

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