Track By Tracks: Endrah - Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up (2016)

1. Bully: 

This song is about Endrah who are MMA fighters protecting the ones picked on by Bullys. The lyrics call out the people who get their joy from the misery of others. Endrah is the Bully of the Bullies.   

2. Shame: 

This song deals with the rich and powerful wasting public resources such as our fresh water supply. It references drought time conditions and how the ones with unlimited money do not care and will always keep their lawns green.  Priced out of Paradise: This song is about the rising costs of living throughout the world and how people are being forced out of their paradise by the higher costs of living.   

3. Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up: 

This track is about the trend of authoritiy figures in the fish and game and park services finding it easier to just shoot, bury, and say nothing when dealing with poachers and other "bad guys". It is an abuse of power themed lyrical message.  
4. Cadaver Na Barragem: 

(Dead body in the lake) this track is about our friend Felipe who found a floating bag with hundreds of insects around it and a horrid smell. Inside was a dead woman chopped to pieces. The lyrics is a why and what may have happened to her situation. 

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