News: SONIC WOLVES: Psychedelic Rock Collective Uniting Current And Past Members Of Ufomammut, The Hounds Of Hasselvander, Pentagram, And Rogue State Streams "Freedom Is The Devil" At Cvlt Nation‏

Before The End Comes is the impending new full-length from SONIC WOLVES, the gritty, psychedelic rock collective uniting current and past members of Ufomammut, The Hounds Of Hasselvander, Pentagram, and Rogue State. Tracked at the end of 2015 at Ampire Studio in Pistoia with Stefano Tocci serving as studio sound engineer, Before The End Comes includes artwork by Michele Carnielli (Seals Of Blackening) and will come available in CD, digital, and limited edition vinyl on July 22nd via Italy's Taxi Drive Records.
In an advance review of SONIC WOLVESBefore The End Comes, Outlaws Of The Sun hails a, "truly stunning record. Excellent and highly recommended," adding, "Before The End Comes has quite a gloomy, fuzz-laden atmosphere appearing on the album that offers a sinister and exciting doom metal experience." Stonerking1 concurs, "Before The End packs a lot into its eight tracks. From the Native American pipe and drums intro of 'Winds Of War' that leads into the psych soaked and very punk/new wave 'Geronimo' through the deliciously dreamy doom/occult groove of 'He Said' to the hard rock, heavy metal drive of title track 'Before The End Comes,' not a moment is wasted in mindless noodling or musical over indulgence... If you're looking for something a little different that has a sense of the past but still has its feet in the here and now then check these guys out."
As a precursor to the release of Before The End Comes, today Cvlt Nation is pleased to premiere "Freedom Is The Devil," noting, "Sometimes I need music that will take me to another plane of existence. Not in that dreamy, floating-in-the-darkness kind of way. I mean in the traveling-light-years-down-the-psychedelic-space-wormhole kind of way. I've found an Italian band who's fuzzed-out, doomy psych is exactly what I need when I'm in the mood to fly away, and they are called SONIC WOLVES."
Hear "Freedom Is The Devil" at THIS LOCATION.
You can also sample a special "making-of" video as well as the closing title track RIGHT HERE.

Preorders are available at the official Taxi Driver Store and Bandcamp page
SONIC WOLVES was forged in Alessandria, Italy in 2012 by bassist Kayt Vigil (Rogue State, ex-The Hounds Of Hasselvander, ex-Pentagram) and drummer Vita (Ufomammut, Rogue State) initially under the name of Tsutar. In December 2014, the band tracked their first demo at Ampire Studio in Pistoia, Italy. It was Vigil on bass/vocals, Vita on drums and Stefano Tocci (Deaf Eyes, ex-Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) on guitars. By Spring of the following year, the eight-track WolfWitch was unleashed to the masses and just a few months later, Paolo Melotto (ex-Psyconauts) joined SONIC WOLVES on lead guitar and vocals, followed by Diniz (Temple Of Dust, Mexican Chili Funeral Party) on rhythm guitar. The sound of SONIC WOLVES is an infusion of heavy, gritty rock, with elements of metal and psychedelic influences permeating its every moment.

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