News: The Wounded Kings' New Album Coming In August‏

THE WOUNDED KINGS, doom metal warriors from the South West of England, are due to release their fifth full-length album, Visions in Bone, on August 26 via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records.
Visions in Bone was jointly produced and engineered by Chris Fielding and the band at Mwnci Studios in Wales and Skyhammer Studios in Cheshire, UK. The album swirls and flows with vintage tones and smoky vibes, with the themes of death, despair and redemption very much to the fore.

Formed in 2004, THE WOUNDED KINGS proudly uphold Britain's occult heritage via a unique blend of spectral doom and psychedelic horror, creating a desolate, end-of-the-world vibe filled with suffocating heaviness.

The two-time Roadburn alumni are cherished by attendees and popular festival promoters alike, the latter citing them as "British doom of staggering power."

To date the quartet has released four full-length studio albums, plus a well received split LP with American band, Cough.

Visions in Bone is a journey to the void… and beyond!

Join in…

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