News: BLOODMOON And TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY To Release Pulverizing Split CD/Tape Via Midnite Collective Next Month; Live Dates Announced

The powerful forces of BLOODMOON and TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY have coalesced to co-create something otherworldly. Both units have been evolving and mastering their craft of aural alchemy for nearly a decade now. Their respective approaches are unique, though on their upcoming spit CD/tape -- set for release via Midnite Collective on October 1st and LP through Black Voodoo Records a few weeks later -- a mutual intention is demonstrated: the piercing of the veil through the transmutation of darkness into creativity.
With this new split album, two sides of the same coin are addressed. With "Nothing Is Special, Nobody Cares," BLOODMOON taps into the fact that there is a control structure in place that most aren't even aware of. We are being suppressed by means beyond ordinary perception and it is directly affecting us in the physical realm. TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY's "Abysswalker" is about a character from the Dark Souls series of action/RPGs, Artorias The Abysswalker. The song is written from the perspective of Artorias as he delves into the abyss to protect his king. Slowly consumed by the darkness and driven into a psychotic madness, he's eventually enslaved by the abyss where he finds shelter, becomes its protector and awaits all those who dare to traverse it.
Sonically, the two songs combine into one cohesive, immersive thirty-minute experience. There is a natural ebb and flow which carries you through an explorative journey. BLOODMOON erupt full force, gradually refining that vigor into focused precision. The heaviness of this composition mirrors the sheer weight of being constrained to flesh suits perfectly, and the strength emancipation requires. TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY begin ominously, slowly gaining intensity, building majestically into epic proportions.
Preorders for the CD and tape are available HERE. For vinyl preorders visit THIS LOCATION. Catch both bands live on three upcoming live rituals with future performances to be announced soon.
10/05/2017 Blue Lamp - Sacramento, CA w/ Atriarch
10/06/2017 Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR w/ Hell, Swamp Witch
10/07/2017 Golden Bull - Oakland, CA w/ Body Void
1. BLOODMOON - Nothing Is Special, Nobody Cares

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