News: Chronologist Sign with CB Entertainment and Launch “Cartographer” Visualizer Video Off of Debut LP

Progressive heavy metal band Chronologist has joined CB Entertainment for representation. The group--featuring Julián Gargiulo(Guitar), Nick Broomhall (Guitar), Zach Sacco (Drums) and Jim Schaefer(Bass)--has been making quite a name for themselves around the Texas music scene as well the United States with a constant hard work attitude.

Spending a considerable amount of time on the road in support of their debut full length Cartographer in 2016 as well 2017, Chronologist shared the stage with some of the top names in the heavy metal industry.
Cartographer was produced alongside Evan Sammons (Last Chance To Reason) while mixing/mastering duties were handled by Jamie King (BTBAMThe Contortionist).
The single “Cartographer” is the brand new release from the full length with the same title.
“Cartographer the song was written about how each of us came from very different parts of the world and somehow managed to meet and start this band. We thought all of the songs on the album fit underneath this larger idea and so it made the most sense for us to make this the title track of our first full length record. We want to thank everyone that’s picked up their copy or supported us in any way!” - Chronologist
You can see the band on the road as well releasing new music video content in the future.

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