News: Metal Upstarts Unparalleled Height Release Video The Enemy Within and Announce New Album Resurgence Vol 1

September 1st 2017 Pittsburgh,PA-Metal Artists Unparalleled Height released the video for their new single The Enemy Within.
Lyrically, I wanted this song to be a shoulder to lean for anyone struggling with their own demons internally. With the video, we tried to show that the masked demon plaguing us was the person we see in the mirror. We all have dark parts of ourselves, and The Enemy Within is about overcoming that pain and suffering and realizing how great life can truly be once you have seen the deepest and darkest parts of life.-David Kelly Vocalist
The video for The Enemy Within is premiering on Metal Underground and can be seen HERE
The Enemy Within is found on their new album Resurgence Vol 1 which will be out September 15th.

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