Sixty-one seconds deep, SEEKER’s relentless cinder block of nuclear charged metal rears its filthy head again, in the form of ‘Welcome Death,’ the fourth video from the trio’s latest opus Loss, available now.

“This song is exactly what this band is all about. It's short, fast, relentless, does a really great job capturing the feel of our live shows and the musical direction that we have been working toward for a long time,” explains vocalist/bassist Bryce Lucien. “Aesthetically, this video is exactly what we wanted as well - the dark, chaotic, and unsettling feel of the visual does a great job communicating the feel that this song is supposed to have. ‘Welcome Death’ is one of my favorite songs from Loss and I'm very excited to share this video with everyone.”

One of the hardest working trios in metal (as quoted by Metal Sucks), SEEKER is even more powerful on stage. Lucien syncs with guitarist Andy Torres for a combination of speed and complexity that can be disorientating, while drummer Bryce Butler lends his machine gun dexterity into an explosive live show of whirlwind mosh pits. Catch the band as they continue a non-stop assault of North America.

With Enfold Darkness, Wolf King
14 - San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall
15 - McAllen, TX @ Sofie’s (Hard Fall Festival)
16 - Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog
18 - El Paso, TX @ Rockhouse Bar
19 - Tucson, AZ @ House Of Bards
20 - Tijuana, Mexico @ Mi Pueblito Bar
21 - Pomona, CA @ PBW
22 - Cupercito, CA @ The X Bar
23 - Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza
24 - Mesa, AZ @ Club Red
27 - Hays, KS @ Centennial Lanes
28 - St. Louis, MO @ Firebird
Loss is technically flawless, yet loose, brutal and aggressive” - DOA

“One of the most aggressive and intense albums this year” - AARDSCHOK

“Tortured vocals, atmospheric and unsettling” - DOWN FOR LIFE

“Seeker ripped a black lump of hate from their bowels and presents it to the world under the name Loss” - METAL HAMMER GERMANY

“A brilliantly vicious assault of grinding nihilism, filth-laden crust and thrash-inspired attacks” - METAL HAMMER UK

“Utterly ravenous, bloodcurdlingly brutal, ferocious dark heavy metal” - ROCK SOUND

“Seeker blast you away on intensity level ten, as if there was no tomorrow, today and yesterday” - DEAF FOREVER

“Seeker comes out of the gate begging to destroy whatever's in its path” - METAL INJECTION

“Powerful noisy metal” - OUTBURN

“A more savage change for Seeker” - TERRORIZER

“Blistering blast beats with chain saw styled guitars, chugging through riff after riff. An intense, high adrenaline boost - NEW NOISE

“An unforgiving assault via a blend of crusty thrash and extreme metal elements” - METAL RIOT

"An album of whiplash stops and starts, a veritable battering ram" - METAL RULES

Loss is just one massive ball of fury, a fucking relentless listen” - PURE GRAIN AUDIO

“A crusty, tinnitus-inducing, dissonant beast. One of Texas’ best bands” - DALLAS OBSERVER

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