News: THE STARLING RADICALS 'The Promiseland Vol.1', out 24th November

As evidence of their rambunctious and lively spirit, the South Wales trio, THE STARLING RADICALS, have literally fought Morrissey and chased James Dean Bradfield through a park; they are also now on their eighth drummer. They clearly take no prisoners. With a signature sound built around loud, brazen slabs of rock, the band delight in pleasing and offending in equal measure, and their output is as potent as it is prolific. Drawing from the likes of
Nirvana, Stereophonics and the Manic Street Preachers, THE STARLING RADICALS bind ballsy blasts of anthemic rock with inventive structures to stunning effect. The three-piece release their spanking new EP, Promiseland Vol. 1, on Friday 24th November.

Born in 2012, THE STARLING RADICALS released their debut album, Saintland, in the Summer of 2014. Extensive touring and prominent shows throughout Wales soon followed, with the threesome supporting Labrinth at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena, as well as appearing at X Festival, and also at Glasgow's Classic Grand @ Hard Rock Hell. In the same year, the band went on to win Cardiff's LMS BOTB and have since been featured on Wales Online's Best New Welsh Music playlist several times. Further momentum followed, including support from Tom Robinson, who favourited the band on his FreshOnTheNet, and radio exposure from Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales, which have only added to the group's increased stock.

In 2016, the alt-rockers dropped their EP, Wasteland, which was compiled using the studio fruits of a frustrating and stifling year, dealing with the fallout of several sequential departures of recently-joined members. The band quickly bounced back however. And now, with a stable line-up and a brand new EP, Promiseland Vol.1, they are destined to break out to a national level. Promiseland Vol.1 arrives this November and it's the first half of a two-part album. Volume One, featuring the songs: Heart Of This City, The Scottish Play, You Make A Mess Of Me, and I'm With Her, is bursting with catchy guitar work, thoughtful phrasing and infectious hooks. THE STARLING RADICALS plan to take the EP on the road, with dates to be announced shortly. Look out for them, as they are certain to be propelled to the giddy heights of the UK Brit-Rock scene.

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