Sinister Brit metallers, VANITY, release their blistering sophomore EP 'Perspective // Empathy', on Friday 22nd September. Before then, the engulfing riff lords have revealed the stunning new video for 'Affinity' .

Ever since their inception in 2012, South Londoners VANITY (formerly known as 'Vanity Draws Blood') have been engraving a name for themselves within the UK and European Metal Fraternity. Despatching an amalgamation of brutal breakdowns, moving soundscapes, and fiercely low-tuned instrumentation, the six-piece, fronted by two vocalists, strive and achieve to produce something potently unique. With an uninhibited reputation for delivering brooding and submerging atmospheric metal, the Brit metalcorers received notable acclaim for 2014's debut EP, I Witness, which firmly cemented the band's impending trajectory.  After a period of reflection, the diligent metal crew decided to focus on creating a series of works under the title, Perspective; the first of which was released in 2016 and entitled, Perspective // Dread. The highly regarded EP also contained the single, Anxiety, featuring CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder.

VANITY now set loose Perspective // Empathy, and it's a true marker in the sand. The EP is everything you should expect from a band that have exemplary output. VANITY now release the video for the magnetic and all-consuming Affinity ( ) which only further outlines why the emerging metallers are of the most exciting and original bands at the vanguard of the UK scene.

| Pre-order 'Perspective // Empathy' now: |

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