News: Antichrist Mag Video Premiere BURIED REALM "Unscrupulous"; Album Out Now "The Ichor Carcinoma"

A true visionary is a rare thing; but such a man is Josh Dummer. Providing all instruments and vocals on his creation BURIED REALM's debut, "The Ichor Carcinoma" with the exception of some very exciting guests such as Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Septicflesh), Brandon Ellis (Arsis, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannabis Corpse), Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy, Armageddon), Dean Paul Arnold (Vital Remains), Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), Peter Wichers (Soilwork), Ryan Strain (Recode The Subliminal), Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun) and Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal, Jeff Loomis band). Dummer is a man who is not afraid to gaze into the abyss for music and lyrical inspiration.
Inspired by Opeth, Kreator, Old Man’s Child, Symphony X (and tons of old Hair Metal!); Dummer describes BURIED REALM's music as ‘fierce, cutting, technical, melodic, and memorable’. The studio project represents a hidden dimension within himself where the ‘buried disputes’ of his life are confronted only through music; where he can express musical ideas without compromising.
Teaming up with Antichrist MagDummer reveals his latest lyric video "Unscrupulous".

"This was the last song written. Almost anthem-esque. “Unscrupulous“ is the darkest and heaviest song on the album. This one is a message to the filth and greed of our society. The people that remain to live in a terrible environment, play the victim card, but won’t do anything to change their situation - taking no responsibility and existing without honor. Dean Paul Arnold (Vital Remains) is featured yet again on this song." says Dummer.

Watch "Unscrupulous" at the following link: 

"The Ichor Carcinoma" Full Album Stream -
"The Ichor Carcinoma" is available on BandcampAmazoniTunesSpotify and all major online retailers.

Track Listing:

1. Portal (0:34)
2. The Ichor Carcinoma (4:56)
3. Asphyxiation’s Lullaby (5:04)
4. Through These Darkened Halls (4:05)
5. Apeiron I - The Legacy (5:02)
6. On Serpent Soil (4:46)
7. Apeiron II - Global Dreamer (5:06)
8. Unscrupulous (6:15)
9. Hidden Chapter (2:20)
10. SuperSpell (8:08)

Album Length: 46:20

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