News: Desolate Pathway - "Valley of the King" Re-release Date Announced and "Desolate Pathway" Official Lyric Video Out!

Epic/Doom metal act Desolate Pathway (UK) are proud to announce the digital re-release of their album "Valley of the King"

"Valley of the King" will be out on January the 26th via Wormholedeath The Orchard.
About "Valley of The King":

"A quest of legends is ahead, unknown to them what lies waiting beyond the desolate pathway to the entrance of the forest.

On entering this dark, mysterious place, the trees change form while whispering and tormenting.

The witches stand guard and the vultures wait for one or more comrade to fall.

The small army begins to wonder if they will ever reach the castle to crown their leader upon The Throne of Lights.

Take this path and your fate awaits you."

1. The Valley of the King
2. Desolate Pathway
3. Forest of Mirrors
4. Last of my Kind
5. Season of the Witch
6. King of Vultures
7. Shadow of the Tormentor
8. Upon the Throne of Lights

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