News: KATAKLYSM Signs North American Co-Management Deal with FM Music Management

Melodic Death Metal band KATAKLYSM, whose hard work ethic has made them a household name in the extreme metal genre, have entered into a co-management deal between Hard Impact Music and FM Music Management.
Hard Impact Music has been involved in the careers of world recognized artists such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Iced Earth, Alestorm, Septicflesh, and Carach Angren just to name a few. FM Music Management’s impressive roster includes Nonpoint, Through Fire, Deadset Society, The Orphan The Poet, Marty Casey, Screaming For Silence, Well-Known Strangers and Kildare.
With a career spanning over 20 years, KATAKLYSM is a leading force in the most brutal and powerful genre in heavy metal and has conquered territories such as Europe, North & South America, Australia, and Asia while recently becoming the first Canadian metal band to ever play South Africa.
KATAKLYSM who won a JUNO AWARD for their latest album Of Ghosts And Gods will release their new album Meditations through Nuclear Blast this coming June!
Frontman Maurizio Iacono says, “It was only matter of time before Frank and myself would get involved in a business venture. I’ve known Frank for many years as a promoter, manager and friend and there has been many talks about co-operating on many facets of the music business over the years and today I'm happy to say my management company Hard Impact Music has taken its first step in North America with Frank and his team at FM Music Management with a co-management agreement for Nuclear Blast recording artist Kataklysm. The band will be releasing its highly anticipated new album “Meditations” via Nuclear Blast records this June and we see a positive outcome behind this new partnership made with the FM brand. I consider this a first step between both companies into bigger things on the horizon and also a chance to spotlight Chicago as a center and major hub for rock and metal development worldwide.”
Frank Mastalerz of FM Music Management adds, “Maurizio has long been an integral part of the metal scene worldwide leading Kataklysm in front of fans across the globe for many years. I’m more than excited to be working with him as a friend and partner in pushing Kataklysm to new heights and expanding our business on many levels. I’ve long been involved with all things metal so bringing a genre stallworth like Kataklysm along with Maurizio's industry knowledge to our company was the perfect partnership and addition. FM Music Management will continue to expand on all fronts and this was the first of many new pieces to come.”

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